April 18, 2014
Upcoming Weird Missoula Shows: April Showcase TONIGHT & Bleeding Rainbow Next Week


Our fourth showcase in the same number of months has finally arrived! It’s another all-Missoula show featuring some of our perennial favorites Modality, Ancient Forest, J. Sherri, and Copilot Eyedrops. It’s also probably the most homogeneous show we’ve booked for this series so if you like art-damaged psych rock + something you can’t entirely define, beginning to end this show will not disappoint.  

Weird Missoula’s April Showcase is TONIGHT, Friday April 18th at the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 and features the music of Modality, Ancient Forest, J. Sherri, and Copilot Eyedrops. Doors at 9pm, show at 10pm. $3 cover.

That’s not all though. We booked Philadelphia weirdos Bleeding Rainbow for the middle of next week. You guys remember that show Priests played at the VFW about a year or so? They were from DC. Bleeding Rainbow are apparently their buds and they helped hook this up and DUDE, we’re excited it’s working out. These guys use grunge like it isn’t a dirty word, channel some showgaze moments, jingle jangle the rest of their way through. Seems only fitting that Magpies and Vera shore up the Missoula contingent.

Philadelphia’s Bleeding Rainbow play the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 on Wednesday, April 23rd with locals Magpies and Vera. Show at 10pm, $5 cover.

April 16, 2014
The Men, Silver Palms, Boys @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Wednesday April 16th


I haven’t done a scientific study, but I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say when Total Fest alumni come back to town it’s always a party. NY’s The Men are one such band, ripping hard on one of the more killer record labels out there right now (Sacred Bones), ripping hard in some crossbreed of punk, hardcore, and rock that’s infinitely more interesting than any of those on their lonesome…this is one of those NOT TO BE MISSED shows in Missoula this spring and, I guess, tonight!

They’re apparently on tour with Quebec’s Silver Palms which, if their Bandcamp page is any indication, are really pretty awesome. It’s really reminiscent of the Beets’ brand of lo-fi bedroom rock: heavy on the acoustic guitar, bare percussion, that kind of thing. Silver Palms don’t have some of the more cuter tendencies of the Beets but I’m not counting that as a weakness. Jesus, this is a stacked night.

WHOOPS! I looked at the wrong Silver Palms. While that Quebec band of the same name is super cool The Silver Palms playing tonight are from Atlanta, Georgia and sound more like this, kind of an early 90’s Creation Records vibe ala early Oasis or House of Love or something:

The Men, Silver Palms and Missoula’s Boys play the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 tonight, Wednesday April 16th. Doors at 9pm, show at 10pm. $8 cover for the drinking public, $10 for everyone else.

April 8, 2014
Joey Running Crane’s Going Away Show @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Friday April 11th


That’s right, everybody. Missoula/Browning/Montana’s own Joey Running Crane is finally departing for points unknown. I think he’s going to Olympia (?) but who knows. One of the point-men for such groups as Boss Fight, Godammitboyhowdy, and King Elephant (among others), Joey has been one of Missoula’s most omnipresent faces in the local punk scene. He’s young though, dude’s gotta see the world. Let’s show him a fond farewell or something.

See off Joey with performances by Godammitboyhowdy, Spencer, Buddy Jackson and possibly some more TBA at the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 on Friday, April 11th. The show is FREE and gets rolling about 10pm.

March 28, 2014
Weird Missoula’s March Showcase with Tacos, Mordecai, Buddy Jackson, Shahs @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Friday March 28th


It’s that time again for the Weird Missoula Monthly Showcase, a show-series we started in January and (hopefully) will see extend through the entirety of 2014. Unlike the previous two shows though, this one will feature a touring act: a taco-themed metal duo out of Seattle, Washington aptly known by the name Tacos. In their literature they claim to “drive around the country preaching the gospel of eating tacos and listening to glistening tunes.” Noble goal. It’s a shame Missoula has such poor taco choices most of the time. Our money is on Burns Street Bistro’s tacos (available from their food truck) but El Cazador’s truck has some decent ones too.

Eh, whatever.

The three locals joining Tacos are Mordecai, Buddy Jackson, and Shahs. All of whom are Total Fest alums and all of whom we like quite a lot (spoiler: the writer of this article is in Shahs). 

Seattle’s Tacos join Mordecai, Buddy Jackson, and Shahs at the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 on Friday, March 28th. Doors are 9pm and the show gets rolling at 10pm. $5 cover.

March 21, 2014
Jay Arner, Bearcubbin’, Shady Elders @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Friday March 21st

The Facebook even for this show is titled “Dancalicious” which doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to me after listening to these three bands; all of whom are touring and all of whom are easily on an indie rock spectrum that while, yeah, you definitely could dance to this, I doubt dancing is the first thing you’ll think of.

Jay Arner and Shady Elders are trafficking in the familiar universe that is indie-pop. Arner is on a more psychedelic bent and if you ask me, his stuff has a more “songwriter-y” quality that I like a whole lot better than Shady Elders. They aren’t bad by any means, just not something that really sticks out to me in a special way. Bearcubbin’ kinda reminds me of the more busy Don Cabellero stuff; really really mathy rock cum jazz cum whatever this stuff is called now. I was surprised they’re not from Chicago. They played the Treefort Festival in Boise last night though so who knows. Bearcubbin’ could just be one of those bands that shines live and live only. Who knows?

Jay Arner, Shady Elders, and Bearcubbin’ are playing the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 on Friday, March 21st. Doors are at 9pm, show at 10pm. Cover is $6 for the drinking public, $8 for the kids.

March 18, 2014
Couches, Mountain Shark, Arrows to the Sun @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Tuesday March 3rd


There are definitely more un-Google-able names out there (looking at you Best Westerns), but I was completely unprepared for the multitude of bands named Couch, Couches, or The Couch. There’s some pretty sweet Norwegian band from 1977 called Couches that would’ve been pretty sweet to see here but whatever.

The Couches coming here are from San Francisco and kinda fit into that jingle jangle 90’s indie pop deal that I can’t completely tell is in vogue right now or not. I dunno. Real Estate kinda sounds like that to me. 

Couches, Mountain Shark, and Arrows to the Sun are playing the Ole Beck VFW Post on Tuesday, March 18th. Doors at 9pm, show roughly at 10pm or whenever KBGA’s Pub Trivia is over. Cover is $3 for the drinking public, $5 for the kids.

February 21, 2014
Weird Missoula’s February Showcase featuring Mass FM, Mountain Shark, Jacob Milstein, Ali Satterlee @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Friday Feb. 21st

Our first foray into this “Monthly Showcase” was super fun! Here’s a belated THANK YOU to all you cool folks who came down to support an all local bill and the VFW. We will be doing are damnedest to keep these shows interesting but they’d never be successful if it wasn’t for you guys.

That said, we’d like to invite you to the next showcase deal TONIGHT at the VFW. We’d have gotten a blog entry up way earlier too if we hadn’t been hit by this annoying cold/fever/whatever hybrid that’s seemed to have infected a ton of people we know. UGH. It’s roughly 10am Friday morning right now. We’re feeling OK but just OK so pray we can survive this schmutz and have a cool time at this cool show.

And yeah, we think it’ll be pretty cool. Mass FM is playing their first show ever tonight. They’re a new band we’ve discovered via the Black National Recording Studio’s Chris Baumann. He, along with some former members of Volumen, Spirithole, and a current member of Bacon & Egg, have compiled nothing short of a Missoula “super group.” I have no idea what to expect.

Mountain Shark is a new(ish) band we heard randomly downtown a few months ago. They got an ex-member of Boys and they got a similar-kinda thing going on.

Anyone that knows us or follows the blog pretty closely should know by now that we’re a huge Jacob Milstein fan. He’s strumming along tonight in his own extra-cerebral-ish-way. The dude is a Missoula treasure. Check this out:

We love Ali Satterlee too. She’s played another Weird Missoula thing we put together over a year ago and she’s opening the show tonight. Shit’s magical.

Our (Weird Missoula’s) February Showcase features Mass FM, Mountain Shark, Jacob Milstein, and Ali Satterlee at the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 TONIGHT which is Friday, February 21st. Doors at 9pm, show at 10pm, cover is $3 and it’s 21+.   

January 26, 2014
The Juveniles, Thee Hounds, J. Sherri @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Wednesday January 29th


It’s a been a ton of a time since I’ve seen J. Sherri on a bill, let alone the righteous mature-punk-powers of either the Juveniles or the Hounds. This show is also booked in the middle of the week, which gives you responsible bakers, students, and assorted 9-to-5ers a risky decision: show up hungover to work, brains dead and barely functioning? Do it. Especially if you’re between the ages of 21-29. (You got no excuse, you with those killer metabolisms)

Dude, I’m a few weeks shy of 31 and yeah the shit hurts a lot more than it used to but sometimes you really should just take one for the team and try to remember why you got all giddy-eyed at good shows and buds and all that cool Rock ‘n’ Roll Stuff. Think of it as an adequate way to train for the upcoming White Denim and Rock ‘n’ Roll Lotto shows this weekend. Think of it as your debt to the dudes that will be there right along with you. You can all look guilty-faced at each other and give life a collective “fuck it” and make the gods of punk smile through their meth teeth and otherwise bless you with yet another fertile season and know that those tomorrow-morning-headaches will fade away but the Memories Last Forever™.

The Juveniles, Thee Hounds, and J. Sherri play the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 on Wednesday, January 29th. Doors are whenever, show starts at 10pm and dude, it’s FREE. 

January 21, 2014
Weird Missoula’s January Showcase Featuring Magpies, Boys, Chemical Lawns, Colin Uriah Johnson @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Friday January 24th


Hey guys! We haven’t really booked anything in a while but that’s totally gonna change this year. Starting Friday, we’ll be hosting a Weird Missoula Monthly Showcase. That means we’ll be curating one show every month, almost always on a Friday, at the Ole Beck VFW Post #209. We promise it will be awesome.

This month, we’ve asked some our favorite dudes to come ring in the first showcase and to be honest, we couldn’t have asked for a better lineup.

The Magpies have been around for jeez…a while now, but it wasn’t really til they pulled Mr. Hank Donovan in on second guitar that shit got really real. Think the best of late 1990s Sonic Youth or something. These guys got the stuff.

Boys are one of those bands that we’re pretty blessed to have hanging out in Missoula. Considering how stupidly young and handsome these “boys” are anyways, it’s a wonder they haven’t already moved to Portland or Oakland or some other city less packed with squares. They remind me a bit of some angular kinda grunge kinda songwriter-y kinda pop music. They’re our Naomi Punk. They are just as punk as they need too.

Chemical Lawns is the latest iteration of the ever-evolving cool guy/cool guy relationship between Bryan Ramirez (Ex-Cocaine, Poor School) and Holt Bodish (Mordecai, actual school). It’s pretty similar to their previous group: Monster With 21 Faces, but it’s rounded out a bit with the addition of Skin Flower’s/Shahs’ Nick Ryan on bass and David Turley on the drumming. They haven’t played a ton of shows yet. We’ve caught at least one. It was awesome. Think skuzz. Lots of cool cool skuzz.

Lastly, our good friend and sometime contributor Colin Uriah Johnson will be doing something. Most likely it will involve some singer-songwriter pose, an acoustic guitar playfully strummed while a future graduate student sings some really sad lyrics. It will be pretty cool. Of that we can be mostly sure.

Magpies, Boys, Chemical Lawns, and Colin Uriah Johnson will be playing the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 on Friday, January 24th. Show is at 10pm so come before then if you don’t want to miss anything. $3 cover and it’s 21+ dudes. 

January 13, 2014
Secret Lover, Arrows To The Sun, Catamount @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Monday January 13th

It’s been a little bit since we’ve written about a cool touring band coming through Missoula which isn’t too odd in the winter months when nearly no out-of-towners seem to come up to this mountainous, northern wasteland. Whatever. Even so, this art(y) rock group called Secret Lover is totally coming through Missoula tonight and it’s worth getting a little excited over. Think chiming guitars with only a tasteful amount of chorus going on, some other stuff, you’ll see. I’m pretty certain this a band that shines brighter live than on record.

Massachusetts’ Secret Lover as well as locals Arrows To The Sun and Catamount play the Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Monday Jan. 13th. Seems like things will get rolling around at 10pm and the door is a modestly priced $3