April 18, 2014
Upcoming Weird Missoula Shows: April Showcase TONIGHT & Bleeding Rainbow Next Week


Our fourth showcase in the same number of months has finally arrived! It’s another all-Missoula show featuring some of our perennial favorites Modality, Ancient Forest, J. Sherri, and Copilot Eyedrops. It’s also probably the most homogeneous show we’ve booked for this series so if you like art-damaged psych rock + something you can’t entirely define, beginning to end this show will not disappoint.  

Weird Missoula’s April Showcase is TONIGHT, Friday April 18th at the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 and features the music of Modality, Ancient Forest, J. Sherri, and Copilot Eyedrops. Doors at 9pm, show at 10pm. $3 cover.

That’s not all though. We booked Philadelphia weirdos Bleeding Rainbow for the middle of next week. You guys remember that show Priests played at the VFW about a year or so? They were from DC. Bleeding Rainbow are apparently their buds and they helped hook this up and DUDE, we’re excited it’s working out. These guys use grunge like it isn’t a dirty word, channel some showgaze moments, jingle jangle the rest of their way through. Seems only fitting that Magpies and Vera shore up the Missoula contingent.

Philadelphia’s Bleeding Rainbow play the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 on Wednesday, April 23rd with locals Magpies and Vera. Show at 10pm, $5 cover.

January 21, 2014
Weird Missoula’s January Showcase Featuring Magpies, Boys, Chemical Lawns, Colin Uriah Johnson @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Friday January 24th


Hey guys! We haven’t really booked anything in a while but that’s totally gonna change this year. Starting Friday, we’ll be hosting a Weird Missoula Monthly Showcase. That means we’ll be curating one show every month, almost always on a Friday, at the Ole Beck VFW Post #209. We promise it will be awesome.

This month, we’ve asked some our favorite dudes to come ring in the first showcase and to be honest, we couldn’t have asked for a better lineup.

The Magpies have been around for jeez…a while now, but it wasn’t really til they pulled Mr. Hank Donovan in on second guitar that shit got really real. Think the best of late 1990s Sonic Youth or something. These guys got the stuff.

Boys are one of those bands that we’re pretty blessed to have hanging out in Missoula. Considering how stupidly young and handsome these “boys” are anyways, it’s a wonder they haven’t already moved to Portland or Oakland or some other city less packed with squares. They remind me a bit of some angular kinda grunge kinda songwriter-y kinda pop music. They’re our Naomi Punk. They are just as punk as they need too.

Chemical Lawns is the latest iteration of the ever-evolving cool guy/cool guy relationship between Bryan Ramirez (Ex-Cocaine, Poor School) and Holt Bodish (Mordecai, actual school). It’s pretty similar to their previous group: Monster With 21 Faces, but it’s rounded out a bit with the addition of Skin Flower’s/Shahs’ Nick Ryan on bass and David Turley on the drumming. They haven’t played a ton of shows yet. We’ve caught at least one. It was awesome. Think skuzz. Lots of cool cool skuzz.

Lastly, our good friend and sometime contributor Colin Uriah Johnson will be doing something. Most likely it will involve some singer-songwriter pose, an acoustic guitar playfully strummed while a future graduate student sings some really sad lyrics. It will be pretty cool. Of that we can be mostly sure.

Magpies, Boys, Chemical Lawns, and Colin Uriah Johnson will be playing the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 on Friday, January 24th. Show is at 10pm so come before then if you don’t want to miss anything. $3 cover and it’s 21+ dudes. 

November 19, 2013
White Mystery, Javelin Track, The Magpies @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Tuesday Nov. 19th

Chicago’s White Mystery have it all for you animal-skin-clad Missoula neo-garage punk whatever the hell you call it nows: they’re (Total Fest) alumni, they’ve got matching haircuts, they’ve played our tiny mountain village more often than some locals. They’re rad, bro. We’ll veer away from any White Stripes references here, considering there’s a good possibility you may be aware of White Mystery’s own brand of relatively rash in-the-basement cavewoman punk-isms. If not, check this out:

One cool thing too: if you like playing the pub trivia and/or think you’ve got a glut of excess knowledge building up in your brain, KBGA hosts Tuesday Trivia every (duh) Tuesday at the VFW. They’ll be doing it once again tonight starting at 8pm.

White Mystery, Javelin Track, and The Magpies play The Ole Beck VFW Post #209 on Tuesday (tonight), November 19th. Show starts after KBGA’s Tuesday Trivia (so close to 9:30pm or so), cover is $6 for the drinking public, $8 for those unluckily born in or around 1993.

October 5, 2013
Rose Windows, Magpies, Boston Tea Party @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Saturday Oct. 5th

A little over a month has gone by since Seattle’s Rose Windows have graced us and it’s stupid Homecoming Weekend now. Thankfully, cover charges and cool shows have a tendency to keep out Griz Nation and for that we are truly grateful.

We blurbed Rose Windows back in late August, check out our description there if you’re interested but here goes round two: you like Father Yod & Yahowa 13? Mystic-family-band-boogie-neo-psych-rock? A shit-ton of paisley scarves? No, I’m not describing a high school art teacher or her record collection. I’m trying to give you a few ideas as to what you’ll find when you peek in the VFW this evening. No maroon and whatever that other color is the squares wear. Party like it’s 1969. Yeah, shitty reference but I think it’s funny because it’s so stupid.

That’s a full album. Wow! Check the shit out yourself if you wanna.

Rose Windows, Magpies, and Boston Tea Party play the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 on Saturday, October 5th. Doors at 9:30pm, show is shortly thereafter. $7 at the door for the 21+ set, $10 for the “kids.”

September 12, 2013
Friday The Thirteenth


(The illustrious VTO & Magpies split 7”)

Well it looks like Missoula is once again primed for the lndian Summer show season. Don’t really know why this is, but there are always a ton of good things happening in town right around the time the college kids are back, they’re puking on front lawns at 3pm on a Tuesday, and the whole cavalcade just keeps steaming along til whenever it gets too cold to just wear a sweater out there. Nice. There are some things you, dear reader, should probably know about (assuming you don’t already, you know).

First of all, local vets VTO and The Magpies are gearing up to release a split 7” (pictured above) at the Ole (pronounced “Oly”) Beck VFW Post #209 on Friday, September 13th. That’s this Friday. They’ll be joined by Thee Hounds and I believe the whole thing is $2. Cool, huh? Even cooler, there’s this video by Cade Donovan: 

Also happening this Friday, there’s a FREE show at Stage 112 featuring the likes of Needlecraft, Skin Flowers, Jacob Milstein,and a new band featuring members of both Needlecraft and Baby & Bukowski: Pancakes9pm time I believe, too.

BUT DUDE, there’s gonna be cool stuff Saturday, too! Stay tuned for that…we’ll post something tomorrow.

ALSO…we don’t book shows too often (sorry touring bands, we busy) but we finally got one set up for Thursday, October 3rd at the ZACC. There’ll be more info on that in a little bit but in the meantime, check out this stuff by one of the dudes (Punishment) playing the thing:

April 10, 2013
White Mystery, Organs, The Magpies, Boys @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Wednesday April 10th

White Mystery has been in town it seems like a thousand times since their Missoula-inaugural at Total Fest some while ago. They’re good, yah, and especially so if you’re into Chicago-bred redheaded rowdy rawk fury. Over here in Weird Missoula-land, we’re hoping to catch NYC’s Organs most of all. Check that video up above, it’s cool. Like almost too cool. I’m sure the Needlecraft ladies are freaking out over how many hunks and babes are gonna be all over this show because it’s hella hella cool. Hell, there’ll be even more tomorrow night when Warm Soda plays Vera’s Residency Series.

Opening are local hunks Boys and a special fresh-from-tour edition of The Magpies. It’s gonna rule, dudes. Come get CRAY with us.

White Mystery (CHI), Organs (NYC), Boys, and The Magpies are playing the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 on Wednesday, April 10th. Doors at 9PM, show at 10PM. Cover is $5 for 21+ and $7 for those 18 to 20. The VFW is located at 245 W. Main St. in lovely downtown Missoula, Montana.

November 3, 2012
White Mystery, The Magpies, Zebulon Kosted, Monks On Fire @ Zoo City Apparel, Saturday November 3rd

Did you see the flurries of twin red white-people-afros colliding with sweat, spittle, and beer? That was Total Fest two years ago right before (or after?) that infamous Bad Naked Top Hat set that got Mr. Naked banned from the festival for 24 hours…White Mystery fucking ruled though. Chicago knows how to party and for some reason unbeknownst to me, so does Missoula. YOU have the opportunity to party like you mean it TONIGHT, Missoula. Only you can choose to do something as awesome as hang down at Zoo City Apparel with White Mystery’s bobbleheaded riffage. You also get a chance to see if Bad Naked will get himself banned from this venue too.

White Mystery play at Zoo City Apparel (139 E. Main St.) w/ locals The Magpies, Bad Naked, Zebulon Kosted, & Monks on Fire. It’s ALL AGES, doors are at 8PM, show at 9PM. Only 7 American Dollars.

April 21, 2012
Merchandise, Boys, & The Magpies @ the VFW, Sunday, April 22nd

Does anyone remember that Shoppers show we were supposed to have at the VFW this winter? You know, it was the weekend after Snowpocalypse and Shoppers’ car broke down somewhere near Coeur d’Alene. They were stuck. There was no way they were gonna make it. Still, the show went on and Memo to Maury and Shahs did just fine. Can’t stop, don’t stop.

Well…guess who totally reminds us of Shoppers? Tampa, Florida’s own MERCHANDISE, that’s who. They’ve got some of those same chaotic vibes…walls of sound like they’ve eaten a couple Jesus & Mary Chains, puked up a hardcore band, then ate that just for the drugs. I actually feel like Shoppers may be heavier, but Merchandise would still be up any Shoppa-lovin’ fan’s alley. I would not lie to you. I love you.

Merchandise has one of the most un-Google-able names in recent memory. It took me forever to realize that they had embedded a link to their very own blog in one of our initial emails to each other. Oops. Either way, here’s a little taste of their stuff: (click me). There’s an “audio” portion of that page where you can download a pretty healthy amount of their material. Here’s a track we particularly like off their Es Muerte7”:

Remember! The show is Sunday, April 22nd at the VFW (located at 245 W. Main St. in downtown Missoula; next door to Biga Pizza). Joining Merchandise will be local men-gone-nuts Boys and local tall people The Magpies. Everything will get rolling around 9pm and will cost $3.

April 12, 2012
Once again Mr. Matt Larubbio has wowed us with another killer VFW poster. This time it’s for Modality’s April Residency Series that, coincidentally, begins tonight. Like all the previous Larubbio prints, these full color, hand-screened posters are available for $8 each at the VFW. Just poke a bartender and they can help you out.
This is gonna be one fun month!

Once again Mr. Matt Larubbio has wowed us with another killer VFW poster. This time it’s for Modality’s April Residency Series that, coincidentally, begins tonight. Like all the previous Larubbio prints, these full color, hand-screened posters are available for $8 each at the VFW. Just poke a bartender and they can help you out.

This is gonna be one fun month!

March 15, 2012
Tacocat, Vera, The Magpies, Needlecraft @ Zoo City Apparel, Wed. March 21

There was a period of time, can’t remember if it was last summer or the summer before, but I was under the impression Tacocat had become a local band. They were playing nearly once or twice a week at varying spots around town: The Palace, The Lab, The BSMT (I think?)…either way it was confusing. They ended up playing Total Fest a month or two later which makes me think it was two summers ago. That’s when Total Fest 9 was, right? I dunno. I’m on the internet and I could probably look all of this up but I don’t want to so whatever.

Tacocat is a seriously FUN band. That’s probably the only word I can think of that can precisely describe them. I’ve seen comparisons to the B-52’s: that whole mid-60’s beach-party-movie aesthetic etc., but Tacocat doesn’t really sound anything like that to me. It’s just crystal-clear pop-punk with one (or two) eye(s) to the summer. As such, they’re FUN. They’re also pretty funny. I mean, being of the mind to name your band Tacocat is enough of a good sign but check out their Bandcamp page. I like the pictures. I’m a picture kind of guy. They’re funny. I laughed.

Hopefully you will too! Tacocat is coming back to Missoula. Maybe they’ll stay this time. I dunno. You can check them out at Zoo City Apparel on Wednesday, March 21st. They’ll be joined by bunch of locals that, though sharing Tacocat’s penchant for FUN, arrive bearing different flavors: Vera, The Magpies, and Needlecraft. 8pm. All Ages. I’m assuming like $5.