August 6, 2012

On top of the all of the recent rape allegations/reputations of bars like Missoula Club and Stockman’s, this is just icing on the fucking shit cake. If you care about anything good or at least have a little bit of human in you, boycott those bars and complain about this incident LOUDLY. Bro/jock culture (whatever it’s called) is a stain on our otherwise progressive-minded town and doesn’t need to be coddled, ignored, or go unpunished.

As of this writing, The Missoulian has begun investigating the story. It may help to email the following writers if any of you have first-hand accounts of the incident.

Here are email addresses for The Missoulian:
Kim Briggeman
Gwen Florio
Keila Szpaller

And for the Missoula Independent:

Alex Sakariassen
Jessica Mayrer
Robert Meyerowitz

Read below for the original p(re)-blogged account of Saturday’s incident.


Missoula is not as chill as you think it is. Joe was at the mo club last night to celebrate his 22nd birthday and some assholes beat the shit out him for being gay. They acted like they wanted to buy him drinks for his birthday, and then they took him outside and started calling him a faggot and beat the shit out of him. This is NOT acceptable. Please share this if you think it’s as fucked as I do. I have never been so ashamed of this town.

When I got on Facebook today I couldn’t believe I found this. My college roommate, Joseph, tried going out for his birthday last night in Missoula, Montana and was ridiculed and beaten outside of a bar. The fact that this jerk wasn’t reprimanded for what he did boggles my mind. My heart goes out to Joseph as he travels back to LA. What a horrible way to spend a birthday.

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    What’s more fucked up is people are saying he’s faking it.
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    In honor of Joseph, Point Park University will be teaming up with UPMC in their Dignity and Respect Campaign. We will...
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    FAKING A HATE CRIME IS DISGUSTING. The Missoula Police Department has completed an investigation into the alleged...
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    Update: now they are saying that this case may possibly be fabricated. [x]
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    Tumblr is so gullible. He got these injuries from doing a backflip, and already pleaded guilty to filing a false police...
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    this is what happened to Matthew Shepard… praying for him
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