November 28, 2011
Ramirez on Regression

Bryan Ramirez appeared as a god-send when I first started exploring the Missoula music scene two years ago.  Not only was he another true-noise-warrior, but he was actually one who had tasted it from the source, gotten wasted, and helped rip that dirty fountain out of the ground.  When he first approached Weird Missoula with this show a few weeks ago I was admittedly elated and more than a little worried…ours is a town that has a hard time really digging into the dark side.  That’s not a slight on Missoula at all…in a lot of ways I’d view most “noise” bands as “jam” bands in the most literal sense of the term.  Wolf Eyes and Phish have a lot more common ground than either fan-base has ever been ready to acknowledge.  Missoula loves jam bands.  I wonder if they were ever to love the noisier side, that aesthetic would just has to be properly explained.  Mr. Ramirez has done an excellent job here and that’s precisely why we asked him to write a little something:

Most don’t care anyway and those that do are in the smallest minorites when it comes to this particular “music” genre. Therefore that barely-noticable small blurb already know this: Experimental Noise is a step into the dark side, once you cross over, you never go back. It’s shedding coherency and people just fucking hate it, it’s just like finding a severed finger in your sandwich. But once you cross into the dark side, oh baby it’s like the technicolorless gray/black and sharp pulses of white that light up your endorphines and give you a spiritual buzz, chanting “confusion is bliss” and all that.  I hammered out 7 or 8 years worth of collaboration through all kinds of different bands, projects and whatever with this guy named John Olson. The sound evolved from band to band until it hit this jackpot of experimental psych, noise and many other reactions.

Olson founded American Tapes close to 20 years ago and released tapes and cds that were limited to 5 or 10 and reflected on what a lot of other noise labels were doing at that time - lots of in-trading and possibly getting a tape or two to someone like Forced Exposure or a fanzine review. During that time, Olson (with others) and myself would just play our asses off in any of the units (Universal Indians, Breckman Duo, Plants) for ungodly amounts of time, recording everything, never playing out - it was a perfect set up.

Years later, Olson hooked up with another Michigan unit called Wolf Eyes including Nate Young and Aaron Dilloway. This is where the shit started to change. No longer was there the relentless skree of noise, it became more…defined in terms of a level of coherency, pulses but excluding but not entirely omitting some of the wash of brutal sound. Wolf Eyes added a layer of evil and some psychological uncomfort with a soundtrack that would confront you to a sleepless corner. But there is beauty to this stuff that, when on the dark side, is able to provide some sort of balanced zen.

Nate Young is one of those rare dudes that is as prolific and he is a sweet guy. Along with his lady, Alivia - they run Aryan Asshole records and have a magnificent experimental project called Demons who churn out this Argenta-style electric buzz, customized for the ears into willing you into NOT to open your eyes, wherever you may be. At the same time, I’d be hard pressed on a dare to listen to Demons while walking through the woods alone.

Nate’s new venture: Regression is just another hyponotic method that tricks you into thinking that walls are running blood, or make you feel sonically invincible. All metaphors aside, when Regression rolls into town with Drainolith, it’s a show that Missoula always seems so ill-prepared for, but begs for more by the time sunlight rolls through the windows and tells you it’s finally safe. A show like this will implement a thousand thoughts and will be more than worth it. You need this.

Regression (Nate Young of Wolf Eyes) & Drainolith (Alex Moskos, guitarist in AIDS Wolf) play the VFW this Thursday, Dec. 1st w/ locals Atrocity Singers & Zebulon Kosted as part of the Weird Missoula December Showcase.  9pm; $5; 21+ 

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