July 2, 2014
Reviews – July 2014 YELLOW GREEN RED


Mordecai Neil’s Generator LP (Richie)
imageMordecai are back with another Richie Records LP, transmitting from their distant home state of Montana (distant to pretty much everyone besides those who live there). Drop the needle anywhere on this one, and if you enjoy the thirty seconds that follow, you’ll like the whole thing, and if not, you won’t – this is a record that does one thing, and it does it over and over again. That one thing is mid-paced, congenial, shambolic, two-chord indie-rock, steadfast in both tempo and demeanor. After seeing them live, the record made more sense – these guys get drunker than The Wretched Ones or Nashville Pussy, but instead of trashing the place, they just stand there with rosy cheeks and half-awake smiles, rocking at their leisure and perfectly content no matter who is watching. The vocalist has some great lines here and there (the ones you can audibly decipher), which adds a nice touch of forethought to what seems to be an entirely casual affair. I guess their tour is over now, so hold your nose over the rim of a bottle of six-dollar tequila while spinning Neil’s Generator for a realistic Mordecai sensory experience.

our most negative review yet.  


July 1, 2014
Lozen, Qui, Shramana, Fuuls @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Sunday July 6th

Any Total Fest veteran should perk up at the mention of the name LOZEN. They’ve played the fest at least twice (I think) since I’ve lived in Missoula and as a better writer has waxed on these killer ladies better than I, I give you a quote from the Total Blog ala 2012:

Lozen, as a band, has been around since 2005, but their friendship extends further back to those ever so foundational bonds of high school. Taking their name from the Chihenne Chiricahua Apache warrior, the duo melds an isolating vocal cacophony with some well-tested droning sludge. Straight up reinvigorated riot grrrl.
Somehow this all does them a disservice. They’re more unique than reviewers give them credit, and their song writing is more innovative than the easily applied Melvins, Unwound comparisons suggest. As women artists go, we’re still in the habit of trying to make them fit into some pre-established mold. Performative contradictions aside, sure the influences are there and nothing is created in a vacuum, but after almost eight years of playing together and evolving their sound, it’s somewhat degrading to keep throwing out comparison after comparison, as if that somehow legitimates what they’re doing.
Lozen and Qui (who apparently have a pretty sweet Jesus Lizard connection) are playing the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 on Sunday, July 6th along with locals Fuuls and Shramana. Show is starting at 9pm and it’s a $5 cover.

July 1, 2014
Web of Sunsets, Crow’s Share, Ancient Forest, Jacob Milstein, June West @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Thursday June 3rd


What with the glut of “dream pop” bands that seem to spill overflowing out of most college radio station playlists, I figure it’s time I retire all the Mazzy Star comparisons. I mean, sure, Web of Sunsets definitely brings that shit to the forefront of my mind but I’m not gonna go out there and just say it, nahmean?

Think lazy music. Lazy pretty dusk-time Stevie-Nicks-if-she-was-actually-a-witch music. Web of Sunsets makes beautiful songs that resist becoming “precious.” That’s a strength that’s more impressive than you might think. Well I think it is. Come see them play Missoula with a local host of equally lazy pretty music people.  

Web of Sunsets plays the Ole Beck VFW Post #209 with Crow’s Share, Ancient Forest, Jacob Milstein, June West, and possibly some more this Thursday (June 3rd). Show is at 10pm. It’s $4 for those of drinking age and $6 for the kids.

June 26, 2014
We Talked To Needlecraft’s Hana MT For Our First Interview Ever


We sat down with Needlecraft drummer/founder Hana MT about her move to Oakland, her new band, Hunk Out, and some other cool stuff. The conversation took place via Facebook as Hana was getting ready for and then on her way to work. I edited it a little to make the whole thing read smoother but here goes, the very first Weird Missoula interview:

Weird Missoula: So, how’s the move to Oakland been?

Hana MT: Haha. Ah…I don’t know, it’s been good. Pretty darn good. Very different.

WM: In what way? Just the size?

HMT: Yah, size I guess. There’s just so much going on all the time and it’s pretty sunny out regularly. I skateboard now, haha. And play the saxophone. Big changes.

WM: Oh really? You’re into jazz now? It almost sounds like you’re describing yourself as Bart Simpson.

HMT: Ha! I want to be. Right now I’m just trying to figure it out and play with a as many different people as possible.

WM: Well it sounds like you’re doing pretty well out there.

HMT: Yah, I don’t know. It’s been pretty challenging too. Especially coming from like such a close security blanket of a town as Missoula. But I have made a few good friends so far, that make every day so great. I’m very grateful to be here. 

WM: I know you started Born Yesterday before you left Missoula but you’re playing Total Fest this year. You keeping that band going in Oakland or is it more of a bedroom kinda thing?

HMT: Ya, Born Yesterday changes alot. I have been exploring some different kinds of projects this year and just being expressive. It’s mostly the same though: guitar and drums. Right now I’m trying to work with some friends on doing something more orchestrated for Total Fest. Like, Born Yesterday rules because it’s like therapy, I can do whatever I am feeling and really get something out of it. The last show I played was a Valentine’s Day show at a silly rock and roll show [sic] and so me and my drummer Yacob just wore scary masks and I played no wave guitar underneath a cardboard tombstone with his percussion and screamed for 15 minutes. I think I actually ended up filing all of the strings off my guitar with a rasp by the end of it. Yac and I date too so it was a very special V Day performance. 

WM: So who is in Born Yesterday right now? You’re still working on a lineup for the festival…

HMT: Been playing with Yacob on drums since December and my friends Val (from Night Nurses/Pink Pile) and Jessica (from Pink Pile) are gonna help fill us out on electronics and bass.

WM: Oh! So this won’t be a straight garage band kinda thing?

HMT: No. I have def been straying from that kind of thing. I’ve been listening to a lot of no wave music, especially Mars.

WM: They’re great.

HMT: Still writing pop songs though, just a little bit atonal. Still very into girl groups and harmonies and stuff.

WM: So this latest Needlecraft tour is more than just a farewell to the band? Kind of a farewell to the whole garage rock deal in general?

HMT: NO. NEEDLECRAFT IS HELLA DIFFERENT. Needlecraft is more of a 60’s pop group. We are about having harmonies. And being sassy and empowered. And having really great hair. And being in charge and confident. And being yourself. Ya dig?

WM: Are you excited to be back in town for your release show next week? The songs I’ve heard sound great. Probably some of my favorite recorded work Needlecraft’s done since that split with Oll Breds forever ago.

HMT: Ah…I’m anxious. I don’t know. Ha. I feel like it could be a very overwhelming time but I’m looking forward to seeing some of my favorite people.

WM: There seems to be a lot of hype here in town surrounding this show.

HMT: Really??? Like what? I hoped it would be shrouded in mystery but be powerful like thunder.

WM: Well a lot of people here still really love Needlecraft.

HMT: Aw, I really love Needlecraft.

WM: And like I said earlier, the songs I’ve heard are some of the best recorded versions of Needlecraft I’ve heard to date.

HMT: Yeah dude, I’m so into them too! I think it shows variety!

WM: Variety you say?

HMT: Yes, variety. It’s very hot and cold with a little bit of heart in there. I learned a new drum beat. We get very dramatic.

WM: How’d you get hooked up with Minor Bird (Records, who are releasing Needlecraft’s new album, Hunk Out)? Is that more of Mikki (Lunda, singer in Needlecraft)’s doing?

HMT: No. Marty (Hill, who runs Minor Bird Records) and us all have been pals til death. He booked us our first show when were just babies! He has been a Needlecraft supporter since basically day one.

WM: It’s a shame he’ll never read this interview. He’s almost more of a Luddite than Mikki.

HMT: Ha! We shall see about that.

WM: I’ll make sure he gets to borrow someone’s iPhone for twenty minutes or something. So the new record is called Hunk Out?

HMT: Yeah dude. Hunk out! You know we wrote that song after hanging out with you and Colin (Johnson, of Skin Flowers and Shahs) one time because y’all were wearing tank tops or something.

WM: ?

HMT: Yeah, and then you both just had to prove who was the buffest or something. Ya hunked out.

WM: He’s more buff than me.

HMT: Right now show us.

WM: Well Colin isn’t here but I’m almost certain he can do more pushups than I can.

HMT: Ok, Dr. Science whatever.

WM: I am watching Star Trek 3 right now.

HMT: And I am on a bus in Berkeley right now.

WM: Sounds fairly comparable.

And that’s where we had to leave it. Hana had to work door for some show at a place filled with teenagers. She made a point to mention that Green Day had donated the PA. Thanks, Green Day! 

Needlecraft celebrate the release of their latest LP, Hunk Out, at Stage 112 on Friday, June 26th along with Mass FM, Boys, J.Sherri, and Cool Death. It’s 18+, costs $5 and starts pretty promptly at 10pm.

June 21, 2014
The Renderers, Artemis @ The ZACC, Monday June 23rd

I really have to give it to the ZACC, the quality of their shows lately has been pretty astounding. Jonathan Richman is playing there later this month, Wooden Wand & Simon Joyner recently stopped in, and now there’s this thing: New Zealand’s The Renderers and California’s Artemis. Two bands I admittedly knew little to nothing about before hearing about this show.

I’m really, really liking The Renderers. They seem to have lodged themselves into a weirdo style of Americana common to non-Americans like The Mekons or the Nick Cave or something. It reads as cinematic, dusty rock & roll. Lazy, but lazy in the same way I’d use that word to describe Mazzy Star. I’m really horrible at describing things half the time so I hope you’re at least nodding along. Thank you.

The Renderers and Artemis play the Zoo Arts Community Center (ZACC Above) on Monday, June 23rd. Show is at 7pm I believe, and though I’m sure there will be a cover, I cannot seem to find it listed anywhere.

June 20, 2014
Garage Rock Sale / Mikki’s Birthday / Spikeball Tourney / Camp Daze Fundraiser @ Northside Park, Saturday June 21st

So…I don’t think we’ve mentioned much on the blog about this yet, but Camp Daze is the newest music festival in our stupid weird town. Much like our annual Total Fest, Camp Daze is a semi-DIY, homegrown celebration of local, regional, and touring acts. It’s a little smaller than its big brother but this is the first year these guys have done anything like this. My optimism runs high that this could eventually become a pretty big thing.

Tomorrow (Saturday), a pretty sweet garage sale is gonna be taking place at Northside Park in Missoula. It’s sounds kinda like the Total Fest Record Swap minus a ton of records and plus a lot more random stuff. There’ll be live music featuring neo-R&B(aby) phenoms J. Sherri and inconsistently bearded chanteuse Javier Ryan. It’s Mikki’s (of Pancakes & Needlecraft) birthday and some folks are gonna hold a tournament of some weird lawn game called Spikeball. I have no idea what that is but I’ve been assured it is really fun. The dudes from Boys seem to play the shit out of it so I imagine they’ll be there.

This multi-event including a garage sale, Mikki’s Birthday, a Spikeball Tournament, and a Camp Daze fundraiser will be starting at noon, Saturday June 21st at the Northside Park in Missoula, Montana. It’s totally FREE, assuming you won’t be buying anything. (but don’t do that)

June 20, 2014
HIGH LIFE 6-16-14 (Time Out of Mind Edition)


Here we go again. This is the latest episode of HIGH LIFE we’ve done. We’re taking the next week off, another week on, and then our summer vacation hits so both HIGH LIFE and Weird Missoula will be quiet for the first part of July. Taking it easy, guys.

HIGH LIFE is a radio show that is currently affiliated with the Weird Missoula blog and caters to the people that don’t just like noise, don’t just like skuzzy pop, don’t just like garage rock, and don’t just like fucked electronic music. We’re all over the place and thanks to KBGA we’re on every Monday afternoon from 2pm-4pm on 89.9FM KBGA in Missoula, Montana.

Here’s the playlist:

 Steely Dan - Time Out Of Mind
 Howard Nishioka - I’m a Pilgrim
 Virgin Insanity - Touch the Sky
 Dr. John - Babylon
 Amen Dunes - Love
 Klaus Johann Grobe - Les Grecks
 Naomi Punk - Television Man
 Prom Body - Ears Drum
 Cate Le Bon - No God
 Broadcast - Goodbye Girls
 Pink Floyd - Chapter 24
 Copeland - Fit 1
 The Barbarians - Moulty
 Harumi - What A Day For Me
 Klaus Johann Grobe - Schlaufen Der Zukunft
 La Düsseldorf - Geld
 Naomi Punk - Eon of Pain
 The Mallard - A Form of Mercy
 Sativa Flats - Cha Cha
 White Fence - Pink Gorilla (Live)
 The Nazz - Open My Eyes
 Klaus Johann Grobe - Kothek
 Boys - Breaking Sad
 Chrisma - Gott Gott Electron
 Truck - Earth Song
 Caetano Veloso - Empty Boat
 Paul McCartney - Ram On
 Sativa Flats - Sativa Flats
 Unknown Artist - Blue Basket
 Klaus Johann Grobe - Koffer

Stream it here: HIGH LIFE 6-16-14 (Time Out of Mind Edition)

*Seems that due to licensing restrictions and the fact that there are more than 3 songs by a single artist on this show, Mixcloud has disabled the stream for anyone attempting to listen within the United States. Ah, hell. (EDIT: I just fiddled with the artist listings so it should be OK now)

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June 20, 2014
HIGH LIFE 5-12-14 (Modern TV Edition)

We’ve been quiet with putting these shows up lately but guess what? NO MORE. There’s a few more HIGH LIFE episodes we’ll be throwing up here the next few days, mostly a little older, but all our usual blend of punk, rock, whatever, weirdness, neo-relaxation music. Enjoy.

HIGH LIFE is a radio show that is currently affiliated with the Weird Missoula blog and caters to the people that don’t just like noise, don’t just like skuzzy pop, don’t just like garage rock, and don’t just like fucked electronic music. We’re all over the place and thanks to KBGA we’re on every Monday afternoon from 2pm-4pm on 89.9FM KBGA in Missoula, Montana.

Here’s the playlist:

 J.T. IV - Death Trip
 Nation of Ulysses - The Shape of Jazz To Come
 Death - North Street
 The 39 Clocks - Heat of Violence
 Gary Charlson - Real Life Saver
 Faust - Just a Second (Starts Like That!)
 Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks - Little Fang
 Web of Sunsets - Foreign Body
 X-Ray Spex - I Live Off You
 The Raincoats - You’re a Million
 The Homosexuals - Hearts In Exile
 The Cleaners From Venus - Modern TV
 Wire - French Film Blurred
 Web of Sunsets - Sad Forest
 Deerhunter - Punk (La vie antérieure)
 The Clash - Inoculated City
 Chris Corsano - How Should You Pick Up the Ball and Throw It?
 Chromatics - Copper Fence
 White Fence - Breathe Again (Live)
 Toddi Wellman - Badashit
 This Heat - Horizontal Hold
 Gems - Save Your Money
 The Fall - Iceland
 Black Bananas - It’s Cool
 Havania Whaal - Teen Guilt
 The Hospitals - Airplanes There
 Glass Candy - Brittle Women
 The Jesus and Mary Chain - The Hardest Walk
 Feeling Alright - Crow Child
 Colin Newman - & Jury
 Delta 5 - Anticipation
 Chandra - Kate
 Jessica Lea Mayfield - Standing In The Sun
 Shannon and the Clams - Rat House
 The Urinals - Sex
 The Birthday Party - Happy Birthday

Stream it here: HIGH LIFE 5-12-14 (Modern TV Edition)

June 9, 2014
Priests, Slowglass, American Falcon, The Catch @ The Ole Beck VFW Post #209, Thursday June 12th

Remember Priests? Like the show they played almost exactly a year ago? If you don’t, here’s a cavalcade of descriptors I can lay down for you: kinda no wave, somewhere between Bush Tetras, Siouxsie Sioux, Savages, The Pins, maybe The Slits without all the reggae? I dunno. This is TRV PVNK in the sense that maybe everyone in this band has dabbled in organic farming, owns a french press, has (heard) at least one Crass album and/or has a matching T-shirt OR they’re like other DC refuse-guys Fugazi and think “Merchandise” makes better politics than actual merchandise. All that speculating is pretty ridiculous though. I talked to them last year when they were in town. They’re super duper nice. Not the kind of puritanical poli-punks Olympia seems to spawn. East Coast Rules maybe. Stay PVNK.

We’re a little miffed we only found out about this within the last few days as my girlfriend (who loves Priests), doesn’t have time to rearrange her work schedule now. Oh hell. I gotta work that evening too but hopefully Priests play later-ish. I can really afford to miss American Falcon again.

Priests, Slowglass, American Falcon, and The Catch are playing at the Ole Beck VFW Post as part of the second week of Slowglass’ Residency Series this Thursday, June 12th. 10PM and $4 for the drinking public, $6 for the kids (who gotta be at least 18).


May 30, 2014
Scaphe was pretty awesome last night.

Scaphe was pretty awesome last night.

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